Are you ready to become a sober man focused on living your fullest potential?

I've been life coaching men for over 14 years, I've been in over 14,000 coaching sessions and it's my mission to coach men to sobriety. Alcohol will steal your dreams, ruin your relationships and destroy your health. I know because drinking was part of my life for over 20 years. I'm proud to say the alcohol has been 100% removed from my life for the past 12 years. If you're a man, who wants to change your drinking behaviors, you found the best resource available.

Live Webinars

My webinars are focusing on how men can step back into their natural born power. I take men through proven and experience based process to get them to drink less alcohol and possibly total elimination. Do you want more out of your life? Do you want vibrancy and waking up to a sober life every day? If you're ready to show up at a higher level, you'll want to be on my next webinar.

Online Courses

My online courses are results based and focused on the most effective strategies to get men to take a break from drinking. You might want the path to reduce your drinking and have the personal power to have only a couple drinks and stop. Or you might want to take the path of total sobriety. This is your journey and my online courses are designed for you to "do the work" conveniently from the comfort your home.


I'm available to speak to groups of men about their role and how drinking has an impact. My speaking topics are based off real stories and real results.

How Does Drinking Help You?

Aren't you interested to learn why you're drinking? What if there are other reasons you drink. Get this pdf worksheet, that will take you through a few questions that will provide you with insight. You just might learn something new about why you drink.


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